The current year application may be obtained by calling our office (850) 456-2249. In the near future, the application will be submitted on-line through EMA (Education Market Assistance). Families will create an account with EMA. Through EMA, families with children benefiting from different scholarships will be able to manage the scholarships for all of their children within one account.


At S. L. Jones Christian Academy scholarships cover tuition, books, bus transportation, uniforms, testing, building security and the national achievement test. We service students that are residents of Florida for at least one year, have attended a public school, and have an IEP (Individual Education Plan). We only accept the following scholarship:

 Step Up For Students (SUFS), students who are eligible for free or reduced lunch may be eligible.

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The general tuition at S. L. Jones Christian Academy is $926.50 per month per child based on a 10 month period pay scale. In accordance with the Annual Student Financial Contract the below chart is provided for parents.

Staff-Classroom Instruction5,762.00
Materials & Supplies290.00
Building Security1,120.00
Total Tuition$9,265.00
Counseling & Professional Services(CAPS)
Group Counseling (Max 18 hours)$36/ hour
One-On-One Services (Max 18 hours)$36/ hour
School Start Date8/14/2023
School End Date5/24/2024
Standardized Test GivenIowa Test


S.L. Jones Christian Academy offers bus transportation for all students in Pensacola and many outlying areas as part of the student scholarship and tuition fees. While we do not promise door to door service, we do our best to come as close to the house as possible.

Why Choose S.L. Jones Academy?

Christian Point-of-View
Everyone has a point-of-view… some are deeply considered and well understood; others are not. At S. L. Jones Christian Academy all staff and teachers have a biblical point-of-view of the world. Therefore not only being certified and experienced in their field they know Jesus Christ and have accepted Him as their personal Savior. At S. L. Jones Christian Academy all subject are taught from a Christian perspective. A world point-of-view that acknowledges God as both the creator and sustainer of all
that exists. At S. L. Jones Christian Academy all staff and teachers are called to model Christ-like attitudes and actions throughout daily living.

College Preparatory Education
Beyond our academic curriculum, S. L. Jones Christian Academy train students in Body, Mind and Spirit. Our graduates leave prepared for college, and for life beyond academia.

Parent-Involvement Opportunities
At S. L. Jones Christian Academy we encourage every parent to become involved in their child’s education experience. Throughout the year there are opportunities for parents to participate in a wide range of school activities, including: volunteering, chaperoning, booster club, plays, ticket sales, fundraisers, etc. Ask, and ye shall receive!

Academic Excellence in a Christian Environment

S. L. Jones Christian Academy’s growth is a direct result of the Lord blessing the school’s academic program. Our use of the Bob Jones Press (BJP) Curriculum provide students with the best possible program of studies. Our goal is to develop students with a strong Christian character, cultivate productive citizens, provide applicable life skills and graduate a well rounded student.

The purpose of S. L. Jones Christian Academy Department of Academics is to:

  • attract, support and develop a team of educational professionals who become excellent learning facilitators.
  • regularly review the curriculum for relevance, coherence, and consistency with God’s Word.
  • create a meaningful and exciting learning environment that will position students to attend the college or university of their choice and ultimately impact the culture for Christ.
  • S. L. Jones Christian Academy teachers have high professional, intellectual, spiritual, and moral standards.

Uniqueness of Academics at S. L. Jones Christian Academy
Truth-centered values that don’t change versus a constantly changing set of values promoted by the secular world.

Coherent and Connected – all subjects are taught in relation to an integrating core (Biblical View). It is this consistency in all areas of the curriculum that positions students to excel with their God-given gifts and talents. It is this connectedness between the difference disciplines that prepare our students to make sense of their world and their place in it.

Contact & Directions

100 Boeing Street Pensacola, Florida 32507