Grading System

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Our Grading Scales

A+ 98 – 100

A 94 – 97

A- 90 – 93

B+ 87 – 89

B 83 – 86

B- 80 – 82

C+ 77 – 79

C 73 – 76

C-70 – 72

D+ 67 – 69

D 63 – 66

F 00 – 62

Schedule and Sequence

Tests are usually given every third, sixth, and ninth week.
A test day sign-up schedule is located on the faculty bulletin board. Each teacher will select the day of the week he/she prefer to give their test.
No student shall have tests in more than two classes per day.
Nine-week tests are cumulative for most classes. Semester and Final Exams are cumulative in all classes.


All tests are graded in red ink.
Students shall never help grade a test.
Deduct one point (unless the question is worth less) for misspelled words (up to ten points) on tests in all subjects. Points may also be deducted for incorrect grammar, punctuation, and capitalization.
Tests shall be graded and returned to students within three days after the test is given.
Teachers will record test grades in red ink in their grade book.


Students can assist with grading quizzes. After the students have graded a quiz, each teacher shall examine the quiz and write the grade in red in the upper right-hand corner.
Teachers will record quiz grades in their grade book in a color other than red so that they can be distinguished from test grades.