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9th - 12th Grades Curriculums



9th Grade


- Lessons from the Early Church

- In-depth study of Acts through Galatians

- In-depth study of I and II Thessalonians

- Practical principles from Paul's life and epistles

The Physical World

- Introduction to the physical science

- Matter; classification, description, measurement, chemistry

- Motion: mechanics, waves

- Energy: electrical, magnetic, sound and light


- Physical, political geography

- Geographic principles, map skills

- Biblical basis for stewardship

Algebra 1

- Solving linear equations  

- Graphing linear functions

- Simplifying radical expressions

- Solving quadratic equations

- Probability, statistics

Writing & Grammar

- Adverb clauses

- Logical development; clarity; precision

- Devotional; poetry; five paragraph essay

Fundamentals of Literature

- Introduction to interpretation

- Six elements of literature

- Classic to contemporary

Vocabulary: Level C

- Latin prefixes and roots

- Synonyms, antonyms, homonyms

- Word families, concise words

- Denotation and connotation

Foreign Language

- Spanish



10th Grade


- Themes from the Old Testament

- Book and topical studies

- Theological themes

- Honoring and obeying God


- Science and Christianity

- Cellular physiology

- Taxonomy of living organisms

- Human anatomy and physiology

World History

- Survey from Creation to the present

- Judeo-Christian heritage

- Contributions of other cultures


- Congruence proofs

- Area and volume

- Transformations, constructions

- Similarity

- Trigonometry, analytic geometry

Writing & Grammar

- New sentence patterns; S-be-Advl and S-TrV-DO-OC

- Effective parallelism, sentence expansion and reduction

- Short story; research essay; persuasive speech

Elements of Literature

- Marks, modes, and forms of literature

- Biography, fiction, poetry, drama and personal essay

Vocabulary: Level D

- Greek prefixes and roots

- Clipped words, compounds

- Onomatopoeia, reduplication

Foreign Language

- Spanish 1



11th Grade


- Directions for Early Christians

- Study of certain epistles

- Study of Revelation

- Practical Christian living


- Models of atomic structure

- Periodic properties

- Chemical bonding and reactions

- Thermodynamics and equilibria

- Organic, nuclear, and biochemistry

United States History

- From European discovery to the 2000 election

- Christian contributions

- Cultural change

Algebra 2

- Polynomial and rational functions

- Complex numbers

- Probability, matrices

- Laws of sines and cosines; identities

- Exponentials, radicals, logarithms

- Graphing calculators integrated (optional)

Consumer Math

- Christian stewardship

- Taxes, banking

- Housing, insurance

- Credit cards, savings program

Writing & Grammar

- Tense sequence; subjunctive mood

- Sentence logic; sentence variety and emphasis

- Research paper; folktale; hymn; letter to the editor

American Literature

- Analysis of individual authors and their works

- Biblical criteria for interpretation

- Early American to modern American literature

Vocabulary: Level E

- Other sources of English words

- Greek and Latin loan words

- Allusions, folk etymology

Foreign Language

- Spanish 2



12th Grade


- Patterns for Christian Living

- Knowing and walking with God

- Faith in action

- Biblical love


- Mechanics: description, laws, and applications

- Thermodynamics and matter

- Electricity and magnetism

- Optics and light

- Quantum and nuclear physics

American Government

- Branches, levels

- Free market, government policy, taxation

- Media, interest groups


- Eighteen influential economists

- Supply and demand

- Scriptural principles


- Trigonometry, graphing

- Sequences, series

- differential calculus

Consumer Math

- Christian stewardship

- Taxes, banking

- Housing, insurance

- Credit cards, savings program

Writing & Grammar

- Absolute phrases; periodic and inverted sentences

- Clause reduction; ending sentences with new information

- Persuasive essay; college application; issue analysis; video report; sonnet

British Literature

- Middle Ages to modern British literature

- Noted literary and historical figures

- Analysis in historical and cultural context

Vocabulary: Level F

- Native English words

- Changes in word meanings

- Borrowed words

Foreign Language

- Spanish 3

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